Nurocor NCP Tech White Paper

The NCP provides a broad range of functional capabilities supporting key Data Standards, Clinical Lifecycle activities, and processes; and is built to be future proof based on state-of-the-art architecture and leading open source technologies


Expertise and resources to maximize the value of the MDR

Standards-based Lifecycle

As the BioPharma industry migrates from paper-based to technology-based clinical trials, it has the opportunity to make better use of the data it collects. This article describes a new agile Approach to the clinical development lifecycle that maximizes use of content using Nurocor MDR™.

Metadata Management Drivers

While the BioPharma industry has long been talking about data warehouses, data mining, and data pooling as a means to accelerate drug discovery and development, the overall clinical development lifecycle and enhancement of scientific capabilities still has much room for growth and improvement. To enable efficient data exchange, pooling, and interpretation, attention needs to be given to the data about the data, called ‘metadata’.

Nurocor MDR™

Nurocor MDR is an ISO 11179 compliant data governance solution built on the Nurocor industry leading metadata repository and governance platform, pre-populated with CDISC and BRIDG standards.

PhUSE US Connect 2018

With a Metadata Repository (MDR) solution increasingly seen as an essential aspect of a clinical development infrastructure, what are the important points to consider when an organization makes the decision to implement such a solution? This paper will take a practical look at the implementation process and provide practical insight to that process from both a customer and a software vendor perspective.

We’ll look at the responsibilities and expectations of the customer and software vendor, project team considerations including, who needs to be involved, what skills and experience are required, and project sponsorship. Project prerequisites and scope, effective communication strategy, and out of the box functionality vs customer specific customization will be analyzed. We’ll contrast pre-project expectations with actual experience and highlight those points deemed critical to the success of an MDR Implementation project.

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For more information about Nurocor, how a Clinical MDR can help you,
or about Nurocor itself, please browse our Resources or Contact Us.

Need More Info

For more information about Nurocor, how a Clinical MDR can help you, or about Nurocor itself, please browse our Resources or Contact Us.

The Nurocor mission is to bring order to clinical data.  The world of clinical data is becoming increasingly complex.  We believe that through disciplined management of data standards and semantics, we can control this complexity, and turn it into a business advantage.

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