A message from Nurocor

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every facet of our lives. In this moment of uncertainty Nurocor continues to maintain our level of commitment and leadership by delivering on our product strategy and enhancing our customer services offerings.

We continue to provide unparalleled access to our systems and people. We continue with our successful remote working practices and take full advantage of our digital meeting formats, all while maintaining the same level of personalization and quality that is expected by our customers. Additionally, given the growing need for onshore resources we have expanded our team to provide needed services. We continue to leverage our expertise to provide innovative digital clinical development and standards management solutions.

Nurocor continues to fulfill its mission— bringing order to clinical data. This goal not only applies to those working on new therapies but also to the trial participants who now face extra burdens with the unseen day-to-day challenges faced by all who are coping with a rapidly changing environment.

In this trying time, we continue to value our partnership in driving meaningful change in clinical trials, through proven technologies and innovation, to accelerate the movement through the approval process. We strive to improve the velocity and accuracy of trial data and reduce the patient burden while helping to bring life changing medicine to the market faster.

Please contact me with any questions or to learn more about Nurocor and our solution capabilities. I hope that you remain healthy, safe, and look forward to supporting your efforts in Improving the clinical development process through better automation.

Best regards.

Alex Lazar

President and Founder Nurocor Inc.