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Digitalized Clinical Development – Save $8,000,000 and 8 Months on a Typical Phase 3 Study

Barrie Nelson, Vice President, Digital Clinical Innovation & Chief Standards Officer, Nurocor
Executives responsible for Clinical Operations face increasing pressures to reduce costs, meet ever aggressive timelines and improve productivity of Trial Execution Teams. The Nurocor automation solution saves, conservatively, $8,000,000 and 8 months on a typical Phase 3 trial. The Nurocor solution provides quality by design planning and execution, maximizing the value of existing systems through built-in connectivity, and enables high value staff to focus on critical tasks, not the mundane.  

Digitalized Clinical Development


Lean Protocol

a lean process model for clinical trials

Nurocor Clinical Platform

A Flexible, extensible, user-oriented software platform for accelerating the clinical development process.

Nurocor Value Proposition

Why Go Digital? 

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Digitalized Clinical Development

Digitalized Clinical Development presents opportunities for automation and standardization.

Innovative Clinical Development Organizations (CDOs) take advantage of standards during the planning stage, the earliest point in the development process. Standardization of protocol elements, introduction of an end-to-end process for clinical development standards and the utilization of TransCelerate’s Common Protocol Template (CPT), coupled with the right technology, provide a platform for planning and executing trials more efficiently with a goal of getting products to market sooner.

Nurocor provides a set of documented data standards, has defined the Lean Protocol™ Process, and automates the application of these standards and the Lean Protocol with the Nurocor Clinical Platform.

Diagnose, Design, Deploy

Inconsistent or casual use of standards can add overhead, increasing costs and delaying study timelines, but….correct use of standards can bring a lot of benefits including bringing products to market faster and reducing the cost of clinical trials.

Nurocor addresses the root cause of many challenges faced by Clinical Development Organizations (CDOs), including manual processes, duplicate efforts, and data entry and management across disparate systems and processes – the lack of and/or inconsistent use of standards.

At Nurocor, “we begin with the end in mind”, providing the foundation for accelerating the clinical development lifecycle, increasing data quality and compliance, maximizing reusability and scalability while ensuring traceability.

Compliance with Regulatory and Industry Standards

  • Manage all data standards in one central location.
  • Improve data integrity by using CDISC data standards, throughout the clinical lifecycle.
  • Automate governance processes to meet regulatory (FDA, PMDA) requirements.
  • Guarantee traceability and authenticity of data from collection, through to final use.
  • Manage multiple active versions concurrently.

Improve productivity, quality and efficiency

  • A strong metadata management tool is the primary enabler of an organization’s digital data strategy.
  • Maximize the value clinical trial data with the use of robust and consistent data standards.
  • “Define once, use many times”, ensure that data definitions are consistent across multiple systems.
  • Simultaneous use of any version, of any standard, at any time.
  • Deliver a hierarchy of standards that allows reuse or specialization at any level in the hierarchy.
  • Support any standard for medical devices and pharmacogenomics.
  • Reduce costly delays by ensuring personnel across the clinical development organization utilize and share the same data terminology.
  • Eliminate reliance on spreadsheets for metadata management.
  • Simplify data aggregation and analysis across clinical trials.
  • Improve the fidelity of clinical trial simulations.

Automate routine data processes to reduce manual effort and errors

  • Optimize resources focus specialized personnel on high value tasks while automating the routine and repeatable.
  • Make faster, data driven decisions reduce time to implement rich data visualization and analysis.
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency eliminate clinical and statistical programming tasks through re-use of standardized and validated transformation algorithms and code.

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Nurocor provides the industry-leading platform for Digitalized clinical development to help companies bring drugs to market faster.  Automating the Nurocor Lean Protocol™ with the Nurocor Clinical Platform delivers a front-loaded, workflow-driven, digital process enabling the parallelization of multiple steps to significantly reduce the time required for clinical development.

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