Nurocor MDR Delivers a Single Authoritative Source for Clinical Metadata

Austin, TX – October XX, 2017 – Nurocor announced today the release of Nurocor MDR™, a next-generation metadata repository for clinical data standards management.  Building on the foundation of the Semantics Manager product acquired from Akana, a Rogue Wave company, Nurocor MDR adds support for direct integration with Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Data Management systems, and expands the use of metadata with a new UI targeted at metadata users.

Nurocor MDR™ provides a mature, enterprise-strength and highly flexible platform to improve business efficiency through standards development and implementation.  Building on the foundation of the more than 115 man years of engineering work Akana put into the product, Nurocor has added key capabilities to help BioPharma companies optimize their use of clinical data:

  • Direct integration with EDC and CDM system – bring new medicines to patients more quickly by ensuring that all systems involved in the R&D process share common data definitions to ease the seamless interchange of clinical data between systems and with regulatory bodies.
  • A new UI focused on the metadata consumer to help broaden the use of shared metadata and standards beyond the standards custodians to the applications and users of the standards themselves.

“BioPharma companies must have a single authoritative source of metadata at the heart of their clinical development process,” said Barrie Nelson, Nurocor Chief Standards Officer.  “Nurocor MDR delivers an enterprise-class solution for achieving end-to-end metadata standardization to reduce cost, increase quality, and satisfy regulatory requirements.”

Available in the cloud or on-premise, Nurocor MDR is an industry-leading metadata repository and governance platform that supports organizations in making robust and efficient use of data standards. Nurocor MDR addresses the following core capabilities around standards development and implementation:

  • Create, maintain, govern and use standards consistently
  • Maximize reuse of existing artifacts and data assets
  • Understand the impact of changes on processes and systems
  • Use standards to improve processes
  • Support the integrity of data exchange

Nurocor MDR supports regulatory compliance, data quality, and an agile clinical development lifecycle by serving as the authoritative source for data standards and artifacts. It helps companies create, manage, and govern metadata as reusable assets. With reuse, and relationships between content, comes automated impact analysis and inheritance, which accelerates cycle times and improves data quality. Nurocor MDR serves as a hub for information within an enterprise, helping users to find, understand, manage, use, and exchange information more efficiently.


About Nurocor

Nurocor helps companies like Amgen, inventive Health, Novartis, Pfizer, and Roche bring order to clinical data to improve the quality of medical research and bring new medicines to patients more quickly.  Created by a team combining deep industry expertise with a proven ability to bring technology solutions to market, Nurocor MDR is the industry-leading standards metadata repository enabling the seamless interchange of data between Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Data Management systems and regulatory agencies.