Nurocor Clinical Platform provides a broad range of functional capabilities supporting key data standards and clinical lifecycles, activities, and processes.

Nurocor Clinical Platform is built to be future-proof based on state-of-the-art architecture and leading open source technologies.


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Create, modify, and maintain your study and protocol elements for study design, eligibility, interventions, objectives, and endpoints in a structured application environment.


Study and Protocol Elements

Nurocor Study and Protocol Elements is designed to provide centralized and standardized structured content that is defined once and reused many times throughout a study. The Study and Protocol Elements app defines a set of structured elements that are in common use across the industry. The elements may be simple or complex and make use of standard vocabulary or structured templates. When incorporated into a clinical study the standardized elements can be reused across multiple study documents and artifacts. Following a single source of truth model, changes to the source element are cascaded to every document or artifact that has made use of it.

Using Nurocor Study and Protocol Elements app, you can easily create, modify, and maintain your study and protocol elements, for study design, eligibility criteria, interventions, objectives and endpoints, etc.,



Single source of truth for critical study design elements.


Content reuse – define structured content once and reuse it wherever needed in the platform maintaining a single source of truth. 


Use of modeled and well-defined elements that make use of controlled vocabulary and structured templates provide quality be design. 


Guarantee consistency across the study, across a program and across the enterprise.  



Protocol model containing approximately 150 structured data elements sourced from BRIDG, WHO,, EudraCT, TransCelerate Common Protocol Template and CDISC.

Sections of data elements can be authored, reviewed, commented, and locked in support of Lean Protocol™ process enablement.

The Study and Protocol Elements application is connected to Nurocor Digital Asset Repository and Nurocor Vision.

The protocol model can be augmented to accommodate organization specific elements as required.

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