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Nurocor is proud to be a part of the TransCelerate BioPharma session on Monday, June 20 at 11:50 a.m. CDT, at  “Microsoft Innovation Theater: Accelerating Clinical Research-How A New Collaboration is Driving Digital Data Flow Solutions from Protocol Design to Electronic  at DIA in Chicago.

Nurocor will demo connectivity with TransCelerate BioPharma’s Study Definition Repository MVP,  utilizing our Study Design Application. We applaud TransCelerate for the collaborative approach to modernizing clinical data flow and the vision of DDF we are excited to bring a solution as a connecting vendor to the Study Definition Repository ecosystem across the clinical study value chain.

This is a demo of connectivity with TransCelerate BioPharma’s Study Definition Repository MVP, more details can be found on the GitHub page:



SCOPE 2021 Presentation

In this SCOPE 2021 presentation Barrie Nelson, Nurocor, and Jason Housley, Novartis, discuss why a holistic approach is necessary in order to realize a Digitalized Clinical Development process. Focussing on business outcomes rather than technical detail is critical to achieving digital transformation.

Digitizing Clinical Study Design: Webinar with Digital Data Flow Distinguished Hackathon Submissions

The TransCelerate BioPharma Digital Data Flow (DDF) workstream conducted a virtual Hackathon to evaluate feasibility for the Study Design component of the DDF Vision. The DDF Hackathon attracted 175 participants to provide innovative solutions to meet user needs described in 15 user stories with the goal to help transform our workflow from document-based to a content driven-data, design, workflow, and management environment. This webinar is a demonstration of the three Distinguished Submissions; each one a robust, impressive, and innovative prototype.

Accelerating the Clinical Development Lifecycle Through Digitization

In this webinar recording, learn:

How the Nurocor Clinical Platform and digital data flow reduces cycle times, improves data quality, and accelerates the integration of data sources and the ability to connect data across systems.

How the Lean Protocol™ process reduces time-to-market for new drugs by driving automation and streamlining data flow from study design through to execution and submission while improving quality and compliance and reducing costs and timelines.

What to consider in successfully executing the implementation of a digital data flow and how to optimize people, processes, and technology to drive end-to-end operational efficiencies.

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Nurocor NCP Tech White Paper

The NCP provides a broad range of functional capabilities supporting key Data Standards, Clinical Lifecycle activities…

Standards-based Lifecycle

As the BioPharma industry migrates from paper-based to technology-based clinical trials…

Metadata Management Drivers

While the BioPharma industry has long been talking about data warehouses, data mining, and…


Nurocor MDR is an ISO 11179 compliant data governance solution built on the Nurocor…

PhUSE US Connect 2018

With a Metadata Repository (MDR) solution increasingly seen as an essential aspect of a clinical…


Expertise and resources to maximize the value of the MDR

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